What we do…

How do you make your decisions for new equipment, land or anything on your farm? CropZilla can show you the financial impact and the effect on your schedule before you spend any money. CropZilla is the ultimate decision-support tool for your farm.



Speed x width, fill time, machine capacity, market value


Labor & Inputs

Job qualifications, hours per day, seed varieties, chemicals, fertilizer



Location, size, field efficiency, harvest destination



Field Plans

Field passes, harvest moisture, projected yield, travel times, tender labor, crop mix, etc.


Knowledge = Profits

How we do it…

  • CropZilla creates a digital model of your farm to optimize operations based on cost and timeliness
  • CropZilla uses unique, sophisticated algorithms for optimizing your machines and labor resources
  • Analyze the financial impact of any decision BEFORE you spend any money
  • Plan your season by comparing “what-if” scenarios to optimize your product and profit

Use CropZilla to help you decide:

Effect of wet corn on harvest costs (not drying)

Rent 300 acre field that is 20 miles away

New high speed planter

ROI on AutoSteer system on all equipment

Custom hire vs owned sprayer

New vertical tillage equipment

Evaluate cover crops — cost of both seed and seeding operations

Adding a late sidedress of nitrogen

Go to 20 inch rows from 30 inches

Adding a custom grain hauling at harvest

Adding part-time help

Take 2 combines to 1

Adding a custom grain hauling at harvest

Pay back of adjustable rate seeding

Grain cart vs no grain cart

Operational cost of extra passes (fungicide, etc)

Tender labor vs no tender labor

Going to a variable cash rent vs fixed

Harvest logistics of elevator vs owned bins

No till vs strip till vs full tillage

Commercial drying vs owned dryer

Full-time vs part-time labor for entire operation

Fertilizer on planter or off planter

Trading tractors

Cost of harvesting green stem beans vs dry

Rental vs owning equipment

Pre plant nitrogen vs sidedress nitrogen

CropZilla ROI

A typical grain farm has equipment investments of $500 to $700 per acre. – Where are you on this range?

Annual operating costs for equipment and labor range from $80 to $150 per acre. – Where are you on this range?

Late planting or harvest can result in double or triple digit losses in $/acre.

Can you improve profits by $50 or even $100 per acre with better understanding of and more control over your field operations?

We believe CropZilla can help get you there.