CropZilla Machine Analytics.

  • CZMA uses telematics to track equipment performance and provide your true cost per acre information
  • Compare productivity by field or by date range to see how each season is progressing
  • Our Scenario Tool allows you to compare your current equipment to any potential purchases or leases in seconds
  • Our patented Field Efficiency Calculator offers optimal A-B line paths for each field
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CropZilla Enterprise Software

CropZilla Enterprise Software.

  • CropZilla creates a digital model of your farm to optimize operations based on cost and timeliness
  • CropZilla uses unique, sophisticated algorithms for optimizing your machines and labor resources
  • Analyze the financial impact of any decision BEFORE you spend any money
  • View field-level profitability or view as an entire organization and every level in-between

The CropZilla Competitive Edge.

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Case Study: Equipment Decision Support.

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